Prime Quality DryFish - We provide a wide range of tasty Dry Fish which is prepared from fresh fishes.

Mr. Gamini Ranathunga

Founder of Ranathunga Dry Fish

Gamini Ranathunga is the founder of “Ranathunga Dry Fish” which was ventured as a small-scale entity back in 1984. During the early stage with his utmost dedication and iron will, business was carried out by producing dry fish out of fish produce obtained from Negombo. The business flourished day by day and the owner started obtaining fish produce from both Kilinochchi and Colombo as well. By today the dry fish stocks acquire from Colombo and Negombo are traded both on wholesale and retail basis island wide.

Ms. Chaya Ranathunga

Chairperson of Ranathunga Dry Fish

The present Chairperson of Ranathunga Dry Fish is Chaya Ranathunga who strives to achieve the vision of the late founder of the entity by taking the business to its next level. In order to accomplish the said goal, she has now started restructuring the business by executing new personnel and the state of art technology.